3 Top reasons of why you should pre-screen every tenant!

If you rent out your property, then you know one of the most important aspects of your job is to keep your units or house filled. When your rental has been vacant for a while, it is tempting to skip over the screening process so you can get a tenant in there asap. In this article Accl Property Management will discuss the top three reasons of why you should always pre-screen every tenant before approving a rental application.

1. Ensuring payment is never late:

If you are renting out a house or an apartment, that property is an investment.  If you must deal with late payments from your tenants this will cause your money to fly out the door! Late payments are a great reason of why you should conduct a screening process before your rent in order to avoid this issue down the road. Screening will help you pick good tenants and weed out the ones who have a history of missed payments or evictions.

2. Protecting your property from possible criminals and illegal activity:

By renting to someone with a dangerous criminal background you might be putting your investment at risk! – the screening process does a background check on all your tenants so you can screen out applicants with a recent history of illegal activity.

3. Having a peace of mind:

You can never know what to expect or what will happen with a new tenant. By doing a legal thorough screening you can lay back and get a peace of mind.  Screening tenants helps you pick and choose what you are looking for in a tenant. Having the knowledge that your tenant pays their rent on time and has no criminal background can help you relax.  If you choose to skip the screening process you are opening your income property to anyone with a history of criminal activity and poor credit. This can end up costing you more money and a lot more time!


When it comes to finding a new tenant, don’t skip the screening process. Ask some preliminary questions. Check references from previous landlords. Run a criminal background check and run a credit check. By doing a thorough screening you can protect yourself, find a great tenant, and protect your investment.



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