Renting Your Property? – Why Not Hire A Property Manager?

If you’re having a hard time renting out your rental property or your not sure on how to screen tenants or you just don’t seem to have enough time to manage your rental properties, then hiring a property management company to do the job might be right for you !

How can hiring a property management company benefit you? 

Finding a responsible property management team that you can trust will make renting out your property a laid-back proposition for you. The property management company will take care of all major and minor problems that come up along with posting your rental property online and in ads to get it rented.  The only thing required from the landlord is to make sure you hire a reliable company that can do a good job without a lot of intervention from your end.


Checking references, verifying employment information, and running a credit check on the applicant is all a part of tenant selection and screening. This can be a tedious and time-consuming process for any landlord.  A property management company can help oversee the administration of the entire leasing process from start to finish which may include:

  • Lease renewals
  • Lease terminations
  • Rental increases
  • Timely collection of rents
  • Negotiating year-term tenant renewals
  • Collection of a security deposit
  • Turning over the keys
  • Ensuring the unit has been vacated and has been left in good shape
  • Accepting the keys back once the lease has been terminated
  • Lease preparation
  • Tenant selection and screening
  • Collection of the first and last month’s rent


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