Getting a long-term tenant is every landlord’s dream. Turnovers are expensive and time consuming. It’s good to practice various methods to keep your tenants loyal. This will allow you to avoid turnovers as much as possible.

This blog contains recommendations on creating a more comfortable environment for your tenants. This will encourage them to consider staying in your rental for longer periods of time:

Respect your tenants

Always remain professional when dealing with your tenants. Nobody likes being treated poorly. You can earn a tenant’s respect by maintaining boundaries and protecting their privacy. Even if you’re the owner of the property, it’s impolite to barge in on a tenant’s rented unit without notice.

Inform your tenant beforehand if you need to conduct an inspection in your property or enter for any other reason. Respect will create a harmonious relationship between the two of you. This often results in tenants staying long term.

Welcome your tenants

Moving to a new neighborhood is not always easy. As a landlord, try to make the move easier for your tenant and welcome them to your rental property. Be gracious and accommodating. Reassure them that they can reach out to you if necessary.

You may want to show them where the town’s facilities are located so they’ll be able to navigate around more easily. Offer suggestions such as the best things to do near your property.

Treat all tenants fairly

Exercise fair treatment equally to all your tenants. If you show particular leniency for the policies to one, then this creates a resentful environment with others. Always treat them with respect and never discriminate. This could lead to tenants ignoring your policies or creating legal issues. Always act professionally so tenants will act in a respectful manner towards you.

Be responsive

There’s nothing more stressful to tenants than having to make repeated requests over and over again, especially when it involves a maintenance concern. Always listen and respond to your tenants even if their concern is minor. Avoid time delays or slow responses as this could be a reason for them not renewing their lease.

Give renewal bonuses

It’s good practice to reward long-term tenants or those who renew their lease. You can give a rent discount or avoid raising the rent. This makes your tenants feel valued. As a result, they are likely to stay longer. What’s more, they might even refer their friends and family to you when you have a vacancy.

Hire a good property manager

Choose a customer-focused property manager so your tenants will feel taken care of. There are a number of benefits to having one including their expertise in dealing with tenants. If your property is professionally managed, tenants are likely to stay longer.

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