Tenant search can be one of the most difficult tasks for any type of rental apartment property management. It involves knowing the right places to advertise, answering all the replies and questions, and being ready at all times to be able to show the rental apartment when the right tenants come forward. This is one job that should be handled expertly and professionally by your property management company rather than yourself. They will have the experience and contacts to get started on the best possible promotion suitable for your rental apartment. Then they will have the resources to take all the initial calls from prospective tenants and be able to select the best candidates for in-depth consideration. The professional rental apartment property manager will be available at regular times to show the rental apartment, schedule meetings, contact references and complete the necessary administrative functions to find the best possible ideal tenants for your income properties.

The goal your property management company has is to have the right fit for your apartment so that the ideal tenant will respect the property, pay the rent and be happy to stay for the duration of their lease. The ideal tenant search will need to take on the following steps:

  • Clean out the rental apartment when the previous tenant vacates the property, and help make the necessary repairs or upgrades to provide the best possible return for your investment property available in its particular market.
  • Advertise and promote the property to the appropriate client base with the best available print, electronic and online media, while maintaining a suitable budget and time constraints
  • Screen and interview the potential tenants as they respond to the advertisements or make enquiries
  • Select the best candidates and provide for in-depth interviews and property showings
  • Maintain communications with the property owners, keeping them up to date on prospective tenants and obtaining their feedback for final selection
  • Follow up on tenant references and investigate financial and legal background checks
  • Negotiate and draw up the formal lease agreements between the selected tenant and owner
  • Ensure adequate payment terms are satisfied for the initial deposit and ongoing rental payments.

These are the kinds of tasks that will ensure you get the ideal tenants for your rental apartment. Only with the experience and skilled staff from ACCL Property Management can you get the full complement of tenant services needed to find and keep your ideal tenants.  Contact us today, we can make your rental apartment property management easy.

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