It is important for landlords and property managers to take the required steps to ensure that their rental properties are ready for the winter months. You will want to be proactive with inspecting the plumbing, roof and landscape before the cold winter temperatures and winds set in. Doing this will guarantee that you will save money on damages that may occur if these areas are neglected.


Inspect Your HVAC System

Make sure your system has been inspected and cleaned prior to being turned on at the start of the season. Ensure that the filter has been replaced and double check that the heat goes on without any issues. If you see any problems, you will want to get it fixed before the cold weather starts.



Prevent Pipes from Freezing

Confirm that all outdoor pipes are completely drained of water to ensure they don’t freeze when the temperatures drop below zero. Pipes left with water in them can lea

d to them busting which may result in water damage in your property. As an added protection cover all exterior pipes with foam pipe insulation.


Inspect the Roof

Examine the roof for any missing shingles that my have fallen off or come loose during the summer. You will want to prevent any leaks by replacing the loose or missing shingles. You will also want to inspect and clean out all the gutters from debris. Clogged gutters can cause water damage, mold, flooded basements and foundation damage.


Prepare for Snow and Ice Removal

Determine between you and your tenants who will be responsible for the snow removal during the winter months. If you choose to contract out the snow removal to a snow removal service, you will want to guarantee that you have that secured and in place before the snow begins to fall. You will also want to ensure that you have plenty of sidewalk salt for the icy walkways, to prevent anyone falling and injuring themselves.


Inspect Tree Branches

Check for any weak and broken tree branches that could fall with the weight of snow and ice. In the autumn months trim and remove any weak branches. Broken tree branches can cause property damage or injury to your tenants.


Clean Your Chimneys

If your property has a chimney, you will want to have it inspected by a professional in the fall months. Guarantee that it is cleaned and free of debris or obstructions before allowing your tenants to light a fire. Dirty and clogged chimneys can be extremely dangerous to your healthy and be a major safety hazard.


Test Alarms and Detectors

Regular inspection of fire and carbon monoxide alarms can be easily missed. It is a good idea to remind your tenants to check the detectors before the winter months. Carbon monoxide detectors are especially important during the winter months as there is a lack of fresh air that flows through the house, which can cause carbon monoxide poisoning to happen more quickly.


The winter is a long season, full of cold temperatures and extreme weather. Ensuring that your tenants and property are safe and warm during the winter will leave a good impression on them.

Depending on the age and location of your rental property, more steps may be needed to warrant that your property is prepared for the winter months.

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