As property managers, we know that Thanksgiving is considered one of the most dangerous holidays of the year apart from Christmas. During the Thanksgiving holidays, families and friends tend to host parties and get-togethers. Sometimes these get-togethers can result in violating noise regulations, smoking policies, and parking arrangements as outlined in the lease agreement. Tenants need to know that they are responsible for the behaviour and actions of their guests and may face consequences if their guests are not following the lease agreement. At ACCL Property Management we know that tenants who generally follow the rules for the rest of the year may accidentally or unintentionally allow things get out of hand during the Thanksgiving holidays. In this article, we want to help you plan for a safer and happier thanksgiving! – See below for the top 7 most important safety tips all tenants should follow!

Rental property managers’ tenant precautions on Turkey Day:

  1. Parking: If you are hosting a Thanksgiving gathering, there will likely be a need for extra parking. As a tenant, you need to ensure your guests know where the available guest parking spots are and to part their cars properly.
  2. Hot Water Heater vs your shower: If you have a big family or a couple of friends who plan on spending the night or long weekend at your house, you may find that you need to stagger showers at different times to avoid outrunning your water heater. If your water heater’s thermostat is set lower than 120 degrees (the highest safe setting) you’ll get a helpful boost by temporarily increasing the setting to that level. – Click Here to find out when you should adjust your water heater temperature.
  3. Overloading electronics (avoid kitchen overcrowding): If you live in a small place or your kitchen isn’t too big, thanksgiving dinner preparation may result in the use of extra appliances and devices. In many households during the holidays, a lot of friends and family members tend to want to help out in the kitchen. Unfortunately, sometimes this can lead to overcrowding which can cause concern for distractions and accidents. – Believe it or not, various accidents can happen whether it be by spilling coffee, tea, water or any sort of liquid on electrical equipment. This can lead to electrical shocks and fires. Ensure you keep all electrical equipment away from any source of liquid and do not handle electrical equipment with wet hands.
  4. Properly Dispose of Grease: Cooking results in grease and grease can spell trouble for your plumbing systems. While it’s hot, grease can seem like just another harmless liquid to pour down the drain. But as grease cools, it congeals (becomes solid) and can cause blockages in your pipes. The Proper way to dispose of grease is to either use a plastic bag, mason jar or empty can of pop and throw it into the garbage once your done cooking and after it has cooled.
  5. Outlets: This thanksgiving you may need to keep an eye on any visiting toddlers who could potentially stick small items into outlets. Unused wall sockets and extension-cord receptacles should have plastic safety covers to avoid electric shock or objects getting stuck in outlets causing electrical fires.  
  6. Replace and repair frayed and loose cords on all electrical devices: Frayed and loose cords can be a danger waiting to happen. Thanksgiving holidays can be a time were most power outlets and cords are being used to the best of their abilities. These outlets and cords are often only designed to handle a limited amount of strain. Once too many items are plugged into one circuit the risk of overheating the outlet and causing a fire is high. If you have too many devices to plugin and you’re not too sure how to not overwhelm your outlets –  Seek advice from a licensed electrician for alternatives.
  7. Proper usage of garbage disposals: Remembering that disposals aren’t for everything is key to helping you maintain healthy plumbing. Used properly your garbage disposal can save you from some of the messiest kitchen tasks. Disposals are ideal for disposing of leftovers that are liquid or smelly for the trash can. Knowing what type of substances to avoid putting in your disposal is key. – For more information Click here:

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