If you want to build wealth, prepare for retirement, or otherwise improve your financial situation, you’ll need to invest your money. Investing gives you the potential to earn money on your existing capital in a volume that outpaces inflation, ultimately helping you multiply your capital over time.

One of the most common forms of investing is buying stocks and bonds—two types of reliable assets that are easy to buy, hold, and sell. However, stocks and bonds aren’t everything, and they may not be appropriate for all investors.

Instead, you might consider real estate investing, which has several advantages over other forms of investment.


 Let’s take a look at some of the biggest advantages of real estate investing:

  1. Options. When investing in real estate, you’ll have many different options for how to proceed. If you want to optimize for cash flow, you can invest in rental properties. If you’d prefer something with a higher long-term return, you can invest in a neighborhood that has an attractive growth trajectory. You could invest in commercial properties or residential properties, depending on your goals, or you could even try to “flip” a property to turn a quick profit. No matter which of these angles you choose, you’ll have thousands of potential properties to consider for purchase.
  2. Financial leverage. Most people don’t buy new properties all in cash, even if they can; instead, they make a reasonable down payment, and use a loan to pay off the rest of the property. It’s true that too much debt can work against you, especially if the prices of your properties begin to fall. However, in most cases, these loans grant you the power of financial leverage; in other words, you’ll gain access to far more buying power than you could generate on your own, using a small initial investment from you.
  3. Cash flow. If you’re purchasing rental property, real estate investment gives you a fantastic opportunity to generate cash flow. Let’s say your mortgage payment, insurance, property taxes, and other expenses for a property total $1,200 per month. You’re able to rent this property to a tenant for $1,600 per month. This tenant will be covering all your expenses, and giving you a $400 per month profit. Of course, there are other factors to consider; for example, you’ll likely need to pay for occasional repairs and renovations, which can eat into your profit margins. However, this cash flow can serve to stabilize your finances, and potentially serve as your retirement income.
  4. Long-term appreciation. If you intend to retain ownership of your properties for a long time, you can benefit from long-term appreciation as well. If you choose the right neighborhood, and wait a couple of decades, your property can easily multiply in value. This is especially powerful when used with a property that also generates consistent cash flow; you’ll be able to make a steady profit every month, all while your property gets more and more valuable.
  5. Tax deductions. Depending on how you plan your finances, you may also be able to take advantages of tax deductions and other financial incentives when purchasing property. This can significantly mitigate your ongoing expenses, and help you retain a profit.

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