As a leading property management company, we know that efficiency is important when it comes to managing your properties. If you are a landlord who works another job it can be super challenging to find the time to manage your rental property, therefore, time-saving strategies are important. In this article, the property managers at ACCL Property Management have provided the top 5 different time saving strategies.

  1. Pree-Screen Tenants For Your Rental Property

When it comes to finding a new tenant, don’t skip the screening process. Ask some preliminary questions. Check references from previous landlords. Run a criminal background check and run a credit check. By doing a thorough screening you can protect yourself, find a great tenant, protect your investment, and save you a lot of time!

  1. Reducing tenant turnover

Finding a long-term tenant should be a goal every landlord wants. The number one key factor for a successful investment rental property is having your property consistently rented to the right tenants with minimum tenant turnover. Finding new tenants can be very time-consuming, so it’s essential to learn

how to save time!. Keeping good tenants and keeping them happy not only reduces your tenant turnover but is also likely to reduce wear and tear on your rental property, improve income and lower your expenses. A great way to mitigate turn over as the result of rent increases is to build in routine small rent increases into lease agreements.

  1. Payments

Deciding on a method of paying rent is usually going to be a collaborative choice between you and your tenant. But given the simplicity of the process, it makes sense to ensure you’re able to receive payment by e-mail transfer. Having online payments is a lot quicker and saves a lot of time!

  1. Annual Property Inspections

If you schedule regular property inspections it can help reveal small projects that, if you are not careful could turn into very costly and time-consuming projects. For example, water leaks and mould can go unnoticed for long periods of time the longer you don’t notice them the more time and money and damages it will cause. By scheduling a routine property inspection it will help you notice these issues sooner rather than later ensuring your property stays in excellent condition.

  1. Listing details

When posting your property listings online you should put as much information about the house or apartment as possible in order to avoid a bunch of questions through email and phone calls.  By providing as many

details as possible it will save you time as well as help whoever is viewing the listing know whether the house or apartment is a good fit for them, hence saving you loads of time throughout the application process.

At ACCL Property Management we think your listings should include information such as:

  • Parking options
  • Preferred move-in date
  • Washer/Dryer hookups
  • Amenities
  • Lease term
  • Location and features
  • Pool and outdoor features
  • Missing amenities
  • Whether you accept pets or not
  • Amenity upgrades

The last thing a busy property manager needs is to spend unnecessary time screening tenants, turning an apartment and dealing with a severe leak that you could have prevented. Stay organized and anticipate problems before they come up. You’ll feel like a great landlord, and your rental property will be a fun and successful venture.

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