Does your place have cockroaches, mice, or other pests?

Are you a landlord struggling with a pest or rodent problem? Are tenants constantly holding up your phone line with complaints and inquires of what you are going to do about the rodents and pests? At ACCL Property Management we know how to take the headache out of being a landlord! In this article we will go over the typical maintenance steps that all landlords must do in order to get rid of mice, bedbugs, cockroaches, and other pests.

Who Is responsible?

If a tenant contacts a landlord about a pest infestation, it’s important that the landlord act immediately and then sort out finances down the road. Failure to act on a pest infestation could mean legal trouble and the tenant might be within their right to withhold rent until the problem is fixed.

Once bugs and other types of rodents make their way into your rental property it can cause conflict between tenants and landlords. If you don’t have a property management company managing your rental units, the question on most landlords’ minds is “who is responsible to get rid of the pests?”.  For some landlords this is a normal part of maintenance. Depending on the province or state the rules and regulations will vary. Here in Toronto Ontario the laws regarding pest control makes it the landlord’s responsibility.

Steps taken in order to have a pest free home!

If you are a tenant, you will have to do certain things to allow and prepare for the landlord or pest control company to deal with the problem. Things such as moving furniture, washing clothing, putting all your belongings in plastic bags (Etc.). In some cases, you may be required to vacate the property for 1-12 hours as well as let the pest control company into your place. Once the pest control company has done the necessary steps to get rid of the problem it may also be necessary for you to keep up with doing household things. Such as ensuring no crumbs are left on the floor, clothing is washed and put away, any spills of juice or other liquids are cleaned up (Etc) in order to prevent mice, bed bugs, cockroaches and other pests from coming back.

LANDLORDS – Do you have too much things to do and not enough time? Sick and tired of having to deal with the headache of managing a renal property? Don’t know who to call for pest control problems?

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