Have you finally found the perfect apartment or home of your dreams to rent? – Stand out from the crowd of applicants by making a good first impression. In this article the Property Managers at ACCL Property Management will go over ways you can make a good first impression on your rental application.

First Steps

Just as if you were scheduling an interview, when you call to book a showing you should;

      • Speak clearly and direct
      • Ask questions about the property
      • Be polite
      • Take the first appointment available

By doing these three steps above you will already set the initial first impression. 

On the way

Once you have a scheduled viewing time slot you should;

1.  Arrive on time:

       Just like a job interview the term “on time” means arrive a little bit early. Its very important you don’t arrive late. Most likely the real estate agent or the person conducting the inspection has other back-to-back viewings booked. If you’re late you could throw off their schedule, making a not so good first impression.

2.  Make a good impression:

A good introduction is always the first key to a good first impression! – There are all sorts of things you can do to make yourself memorable and stand out from the crowd. First, introduce yourself to the real-estate agent or person conducting the viewing. You can also dress up; a classier attire can communicate the impression of financial stability and responsibility. – two major factors every landlord is looking for.

3. Have the right References:

   References play an important part in the rental application process. Property managers, Landlords, and Real estate agents want to know you’ll be a reliable tenant, that you’ll treat the property as if it were your own, and that you will pay your rent on time. When you have references from previous landlords, real estate agents, and property managers rather than personal or family members, it can be seen as more professional and help prove you are a reliable, responsible, tenant.

4. Be prepared:

When you are looking for houses and apartments to rent and know you might be for sure interested in the property you are going to be viewing. Its best to ensure you have everything the landlord would want to see. This includes;

      • Copies of all identification documents
      • Proof of income
      • Payment history
      • Proof of employment/ Employment letter
      • Full credit report – You can use credit Karma its free!
      • And any other document you think could help out your application.

Most places will require a rental application form to be filled out, if given a paper copy, don’t hesitate to fill it out on the spot. Print clearly and fill in all questions honestly. When you come prepared with all your documents it will show your interest and seriousness, it also puts you ahead of the other applicants and can help speed up the rental process.

What could be on your rental application form

Rental applications can be very thorough, be prepared to provide the following information:

    • Full name, including everyone who will be living with you
    • Reasons for leaving current address
    • Current and Present landlord contact information
    • All previous address had in the past 3 years
    • Current and past employers name, phone number, supervisor’s name and contact, monthly income, length of employment, and job title
    • Emergency contact information
    • Banking information
    • Information on your pets
    • Drivers license number
    • Vehicle make, model, and licence plate number
    • Additional income
    • References

Final Step

After you have submitted your rental application, follow up with the property manager, landlord, or real estate agent with a brief thank your email. Be pleasant and avoid coming across as impatient, While also making it clear that you are interested in the property.

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